Delivery of 650 Twins Anniversary Edition bikes begins – Royal Enfield Info:

Royal Enfield has announced the launch of its 120th Anniversary Limited Edition 650 twin motorcycles (Interceptor INT 650 & Continental GT 650) to customers across India.

The Anniversary Edition of the Royal Enfield 650 Twin Motorcycles was released at the EICMA 2021 last year with only 480 units available worldwide. The 2 Royal Enfield motorcycles, the Interceptor 650 and Continental GT650, also celebrate the company’s 120 years of history.

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In addition, only 480 units were produced for sale in India, Europe, the United States and Southeast Asia. Of this, only 120 units (Interceptor 650-60 units + Continental GT650 – 60 units) are allocated to India.

Royal Enfield announced its 650 Twin Special Edition bikes a few months ago. Following this, online flash sales for these 2 Special Edition bikes were launched on December 6 last year.

Royal Enfield then announced that it had set a new record by selling 120 units of the 650 Twins Anniversary Edition in just 120 seconds, or 2 minutes.

Due to the high expectations of the bike lovers, it sold out in just two minutes, much to the surprise of many. Following this, Royal Enfield boasted that the Special Edition bikes were well received by customers.

2 motorcycles have a unique black-and-chrome color scheme. These limited edition motorcycles have a hand-designed die-cast badge exclusively on the fuel tank.

Many parts such as flyscreens, engine cards, heel cards, touring and bar end mirrors seem to be fitted in black to complement the overall design.

Some of the celebrities who have bought one of these 2 Limited Edition motorcycles from Royal Enfield include Rear Admiral Philippos G Pinemouth of the Indian Navy, including Olympian sniper Kagan Narang and Malayalam film actor Tian Srinivasan.

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