online motorcycle insurance : Best way to get two wheeler insurance online 2022

online motorcycle insurance : way to get two wheeler insurance online 2022

online motorcycle insurance :Even though a large number of people travel by public transport, but the number of people traveling by their own vehicle is also significant. Meaning, on whichever road of the city you look, you will see a large number of vehicles. You will also see a lot of two wheeler vehicles in this. People choose bike and scooty to travel short distances.

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However, for this you must have the necessary papers, otherwise your challan may also be deducted. Like two wheeler insurance. Actually, this one covers your vehicle and you in the event of an accident, and secondly also protects you from challan.

In such a situation, the importance of two wheeler insurance can be understood. But it is seen that people go round the insurance company to get this insurance done. Whereas if you want, you can do it yourself in minutes sitting at home. If you also want to insure your two wheeler on your own, then let us tell you the simple way to do it.

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online motorcycle insurance : way to get two wheeler insurance online 2022

Online motorcycle insurance :Here is the way to get two wheeler insurance online:-

Step 1

If you also have a vehicle like a two wheeler i.e. bike or scooty, then you should first look at the two wheeler insurance plans of many companies on the internet. With this, you can get the least plan with more benefits. So first of all compare the plans of all the companies and then go to their website.

Step 2

Go to the website and select the option of two wheeler insurance and after that you will be asked some important information about your vehicle. For example, vehicle number, model of the vehicle, year of purchase, engine etc. Enter these.

Step 3

After filling all the necessary information, you will be told the insurance quotation and insurance premium on the screen on behalf of the company. If you’re satisfied with that, then you have to move on. However, during this time, what is the cost of your vehicle by the company, definitely check it.

online motorcycle insurance : way to get two wheeler insurance online 2022

Step 4

Now you will be asked about your old two wheeler insurance, apart from other information like your name, mobile number and email id. If you have it, you may get some benefit and if not, click Next to proceed.

Step 5

Now complete information about your two wheeler insurance will come in front of you, which you have to check. After that you have to make online payment. After payment completion your policy is ready which you can download, it also arrives on your email id and you can get its hard copy delivered to your address also.

Now Car-Bike Insurance will not have to be done every year, Supreme Court has implemented new system

Only 45% bikes and scooters are insured:

The Supreme Court has made this rule mandatory, referring to the recommendations of the court committee on road safety. The committee had recommended that at the time of sale of two wheelers or four wheelers, third party insurance cover should be made mandatory for 5 years and 2 years respectively instead of one year. According to the news of Moneycontrol, only 45 percent of bikes and scooters are insured while 70 percent of cars are insured.

What is third party insurance cover:

According to the Motor Vehicles Act, it is mandatory for all vehicles running on the road to have third party vehicle insurance. Every policy has two parts – third party cover and own damages. Third party cover is mandatory for all vehicles in the country. It indemnifies the damage caused to a third party by the vehicle. It does not cover damage caused to the owner’s vehicle. The premium for third party insurance cover is decided by IRDA every year.

online motorcycle insurance : way to get two wheeler insurance online 2022

Apart from this, the central government is soon going to make changes in the motor vehicle rules. There is also a plan to digitize the Motor Vehicle Act under Digital India. This is the reason that now you will not have to carry a driving license, vehicle registration certificate and insurance with you. All this will happen on your mobile. Actually, till now the traffic police used to see the original documents of the vehicles, but after the new rules, its digital version will also be accepted.

After the change in the Motor Vehicle Rules, the traffic controllers will accept the digital version of all the documents of the vehicles. This includes registration, vehicle insurance, pollution under control certificate and driving license. The Ministry of Road Transport may soon issue an advisory in this regard. At present, the proposals given in the issued draft also include digital documents. After the change, you will be able to save all the documents digitally in your smartphone and will be useful to show when needed.

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