Royal Enfield Shotgun, Himalayan 450, Super Meteor 650 and more Upcoming bikes

Royal Enfield Shotgun

Royal Enfield Shotgun :Royal Enfield has already planned a great launch for the Indian market in 2022. The company plans to launch three new 650cc bikes later this year. It includes a Cruiser, a Bobber and a Long Route Tourer motorcycle. Although all three bikes have been tested on the road before. A new video has hit the internet again. It is expected to be called ‘Shotgun’ in the Indian market. The video shows the bike being tested against a hilly terrain.

Although the video does not contain much detail about the design of the bike. It reveals the riding position and headlamp layout. Underpinned on the same platform as other RE 650 cc bikes, the upcoming shotgun has an impressive retro styling. Which offers a round headlamp, tear drop-shaped fuel tank and round rearview mirror. The design of the bike’s single-seat and flat handlebars seems to give the rider a straight riding posture.

Royal Enfield Shotgun, Himalayan 450, Super Meteor 650 and more Upcoming bikes

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The video was posted on YouTube by a channel called Rajkumar. A list of upcoming Bobber features may include a semi-digital instrument cluster, navigation with turn-by-turn updates, and smartphone connectivity. This machine will be built on the Powering 650 cc engine unit we saw in the Interceptor 750 and Continental GT 650. The twin-cylinder air-cooled unit, coupled with an 8-speed constant mesh transmission, is tuned to deliver 46bhp output. It is said to give 7150 rpm and 52 Nm of torque.

Also, the new shotgun can fine-tune the RE engine to give better output. In all likelihood suspension duty will be performed by a USD fork at the front and twin shock compresses at the rear. The shotgun is expected to come with dual-channel ABS and should be priced between Rs 4 lakh and Rs 4.5 lakh (ex-showroom). An official announcement of the expected offer is yet to be made.

Also a new car called Scram is coming to the market. According to the company, the Royal Enfield Scram 411 is going to be the cheapest Himalayan model of all time, with its look, features, all designed with the road in mind.

Royal Enfield Himalayan 450

Interest in buying adventure motorcycles in India has been steadily increasing over the last few years. This is why the leading motorcycle brands globally strive to own at least one adventure bike.

In this sense Royal Enfield’s Himalayan is the cheapest adventure bike in our country’s market. In our country always the cheapest will succeed the fastest. Thus, the Himalayas are also getting a better reception than expected. A few months ago, there were rumors that the Royal Enfield Himalayan motorcycle would be released in 650cc.

A related video also surfaced on the Internet at the time. But the information we have at present is not different. That is, Royal Enfield is in the process of designing a new operating system. Royal Enfield plans to produce the Pakka Adventure bike more than the regular Himalayan with this operating system codenamed K1.

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Thus this new Royal Enfield bike is expected to compete directly with KTM’s 390 Adventure. Reports suggest that the name may be called the Himalayan 450, as it has been confirmed that the new adventure platform to be built on the new platform will be the same. You can see what the Himalayan 450 looks like in the image below, available through the Pikewale Newspaper.

The Himalayan 450, which is said to be available in different variants, is to be built on a frame of 450 trillions. Also, it will be lighter in weight than the current Himalayan. In addition, some new features will make the new Himalayan 450 stand out. In this, the front suspension system will be the same.

Royal Enfield Super Meteor 650

Royal Enfield Super Meteor 650 India Launch: Not to mention the craze for Royal Enfield bikes in our country. Buying a Royal Enfield bike is a dream come true for many young people. Now it looks like Royal Enfield will also be launching 650cc bikes. The 650cc bikes in the Royal Enfield Meteor model are coming soon.

Its size will be larger than the Royal Enfield 350 Meteor currently available. Its styling will also be similar to the cruiser to look at. Related spy images have been leaked online. Due to this, the production is likely to start soon.

It has swept back bars on the back and foot pegs in the middle which are great to look at. It will also have an LED light and a large instrument cluster. It has a large windshield for long distances. The rear tire will also be larger.

Its tank will also be in the shape of a tear drop. It will be slightly newer than the Royal Enfield 650 range currently available. It will deliver 47.6 PS, 52 Nm of torque. Its output will be similar to that of the Interceptor, Continental GT.

However its engine will be designed to be power friendly to be more smooth. According to the photos seen … accessories will also be provided along with this. It also has disks on both sides, dual channel apps and USD forks.

According to these images this bike is almost ready for production. Will be launching next year. When it comes to price … it is likely to be the most premium bike in the Royal Enfield 650cc bikes. This bike will not compete with the Kawasaki Vulcan S.

Royal Enfield Scram 411

Not only necessities, motorbikes are also the passion of many. And the centerpiece of those bike lovers’ passion is Royal Enfield. This bike company in India is bringing several new models to the market. A 650cc bike is also coming. But the model that is going to be launched by Royal Enfield after this is actually based on the very popular model of the company, Himalayan.

But the Royal Enfield Himalayan (Royal Enfield Himalayaan) was originally created by the company keeping in mind the favorite bikers of adventure. The new bike that is coming to the market is basically being made suitable for everyday road riding. Name Royal Enfield Scram 411. There is a lot of Himalayan model in this new model. There will also be a 24bhp engine. However, there will be some innovations. Everything from headlamp designs to seat designs and instrument clusters will be new.

Ideal Himalayan model for offroading. But scram 411 is being made with the road in mind. As a result, the wheel size will be smaller in this new model than in the Himalayas. According to sources, there will be no luggage racks or luggage racks like in the Himalayas. However, the ground clearance of the scram 411 will be quite good. This new model will have a ground clearance of 200 mm. Although less than 220 millimeters in the Himalayas.
With this new color type, badging will come in scram 411 model which will be very different from Himalayan. According to company sources, the weight will be less than that.

Scram 411. The engine is also tuned in such a way that it is ideal for riding in urban areas. Judging by the segment, the Scram 411 will compete with another bike in the market. That is the yezdi scrambler. In terms of price, scram 411 will be much cheaper than Himalayan. According to sources, the price of scram 411 will start from Rs 2 lakh.


Now the company is shifting from the commuter segment to the premium segment with bigger and better engines. If we talk about the most important model in this, then it is XF3R. Apart from this, the company is also working on Xtreme 200S and it can be launched soon in the coming days. In such a situation, it is clear that the company is focusing on the market share of the challenging 200 cc-300 cc segment.

The Hero XF3R concept bike was showcased at the 2016 Delhi Auto Expo and grabbed everyone’s attention at the event. This bike has already been patented in India and its production will start soon. This bike is in sports look.

This bike has upside down forks and wheels on both the sides and the tires are thick. For the first time after the Impulse and HX250R concept, the monoshock was seen in this bike. Another feature of the motorcycle is the Street Fighter inspired handlebar. About this vehicle built on the high strength steel chassis, Hero said that the engine of the bike presented at the motoring show is liquid cooled four stroke and it is equipped with a six speed gearbox.

This means that this engine is currently in the works and it could be up to 300 cc. Its price can be as aggressive as Bajaj’s Dominar. Before this sporty and bold looking 300 cc bike is launched in India, we are telling you about some special features related to the bike.

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