Jeep SUV 2022 : This is the name of Jeep’s next SUV, find out when it will be launched

Jeep SUV : This is the name of Jeep's next SUV, find out when it will be launched

Jeep SUV :

Jeep Meridian Update: Jeep India has already confirmed the name of the vehicle. Meridian will be the company’s 7-seater SUV. According to the company, the SUV will be launched in the middle of this year. Which means it’s about to be the more delusional time of the 2022 year, as well. The Jeep is based on the Meridian Compass platform. However, due to the extra third row, the meridian will be longer and bigger.

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Jeep SUV: Meridian will be a 7-seater with a longer door base wheelbase longer than the compass. Many things of design cannot be understood by looking at pictures. However, the front bumper design and sharp line has been given to the car.

The company maintains the design language of a simple jeep with a wide grille. Where as the Compass Facelift, we have more features besides the 10.1-inch touchscreen infotainment system, digital instrument cluster, ventilated seats, huge panoramic sunroof, connected car technology.

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Jeep Meridian Update: At Jeep Meridian we expect a more powerful version of the 2.0l diesel. So that there will be 4×4 wheel drive with standard 9-speed automatic gearbox. This new 7-seater SUV will compete with Skoda Kodiaq from Toyota Fortuner, MG Gloucester in the space of the premium SUV.

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