Pradip Mukherjee: ‘Jan-Aranya’ actor Pradip passed away due to blood poisoning

Pradeep suffered from blood poisoning or septicemia. He was hospitalized for the past few days. He was put on ventilation on Sunday. According to hospital sources, the amount of blood poisoning had increased. A lung infection was present, along with pneumonia.

The last work is not finished. The actor was shooting for director Nirmal Chakraborty’s film ‘Datta’. He fell ill after two days of shooting. First admitted to a private hospital in Nagerbazar. He was then admitted to the private department of the Municipal Hospital of Dumdum Cantonment. The actor died there.

Actor’s wife Tapati Mukhopadhyay told Anandabazar Online on Sunday that the condition is not good at all. He said, “He was first admitted to a private hospital in Nagerbazar. After that the situation worsened. He was also responding on Saturday. Not giving now. He has a long-standing lung problem. Carbon accumulates.”

Pradeep’s two children. Both son and daughter live in Dubai. Daughter Payal arrived in Kolkata on Sunday morning. “Father’s death is always painful,” Payal said on Monday. I am not in a position to say more than that at the moment.”

Pradeep caught the eye by playing the character of Somnath in Satyajit Ray’s Jan-Aranya. Apart from this, Pradeep has given films like ‘Oshliltar Daye’, ‘Sati’, ‘Purushottam’, ‘Hire Angi’.

State Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee expressed deep grief over Pradeep’s death. Wrote, ‘His death is an irreparable loss to the acting world… I express my sincere condolences to Pradeep Mukherjee’s family and fans.’

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