Yamaha Neo Electric Scooter: Yamaha Launches Great Scooter

Yamaha Neo Electric Scooter: Yamaha Launches Great Scooter

New mumbai : Yamaha Neo Electric Scooter There will be no scratches on the car ! Is this happening again? Is. This time Yamaha launched a scooter that will not scratch. This electric scooter is specially designed.

Yamaha has launched their electric scooter Neo in the European market. In Europe, the scooter is priced at 3,005 euros. In other words, it could cost around Rs 2.52 lakh in India. According to Yamaha, the electric scooter will be available in select European countries from May 2022.

Based on the standard variant of the Yamaha Neo EV. This scooter has 50 CC engine.

Yamaha Neo Electric Scooter: Yamaha Launches Great Scooter

It has a great looking twin headlight setup. Its styling and design is great. Overall the scooter looks very attractive.

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Designed to avoid scratches-

The Yamaha Neo electric scooter is designed to be protected from minor scratches. The EV will be powered by a hub-mounted brushless DC motor. It will generate 2.06 kW of power in STD mode.

The speed of this scooter has been limited to a maximum of 40 kilometers. In eco mode its power will go down to 1.58 kW. Then its maximum speed drops to 35 km / h. The scooter has a range of 36.5 km in eco mode. However, if a separate battery pack is installed, the range will increase to 68 km.

Yamaha Neo Electric Scooter: Yamaha Launches Great Scooter

Removable battery

Yamaha packs a removable 50.4 volt lithium-ion battery with this scooter. It weighs 6 kg. It will take a total of 8 hours to fully charge from the home socket. Other features of the Neo Electric Scooter include a smart key and an LCD instrument cluster. It can be connected to a smartphone.

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In the LCD Instrument Cluster you will find information about rider battery information, route information, calls and messages. Besides, 26 liters space has been provided under the seat. Installing a separate battery pack will, of course, reduce space.

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