The first mobile call was made in 1973 by American engineer Martin Cooper.

It sounds strange to say that your urine can charge a mobile phone, but it is true. Scientists have come up with such an idea.

In the Britain, around 100,000 mobile phones fall into toilets every year.

The world's first touch screen phone was made in 1993. It was built by BellSouth Cellular. IBM designed this and named it Simon.

70 percent of the mobiles in the world are made in China.

80 percent of the world's population has a mobile phone and 90 percent of the youth keep their phone with them 24 hours a day.

People using mobile phones spend 49 percent of their time in games and 30 percent in social networking.

If you have used the Nokia 1100, then you will be proud to hear that it is the best selling electronic gadget in history. So far 25 crore 'Nokia-1100' have been sold.