When Sofia Carson was cast as Ava Jalali in Freeform television  Platform

series Pretty Little Liars The Perfectionists, Sofia Carson had no idea the 

experience would have such a pivotal effect on Sofia Carson life.

Sofia Carson had already established her self as a multi hyphenate artist. As 

an actress, she had co-starred with the likes of Dove Cameron &

other soon-to- be-household name's a within the popular Disney 

Descendants TV movie franchise, further was as starred during a No. of 

other projects. Sofia Carson was also making waves as a singer-songwriter.

Carson & Liz Rosenbaum, one among the episode directors of the PLL

spinoff, which began taping in 2017 & aired in year 2019, struck 

a deep & immediate connection, vowing to figure together again.

During filming, Rosenbaum was handed Carson their next project.